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Legal Nurse Consulting : Learn the Secrets of Success


The Secret to becoming successful as a Legal Nurse Consultant

Free Unlimited MentoringWhether you have never even heard of Legal Nurse Consulting and you just want to know what it is and if you can do it, whether you have been a Legal Nurse Consultant for years, whether you are a mentor for a large Legal Nurse Company, or whether you are just getting started, we can help, we can help increase or get you business. That is what we know best; how to get you clients and money as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

RN MARKET is the first and only company that offers full-service marketing and mentoring to Registered Nurses wanting to become successful Legal Nurse Consultants. We have the track record to prove it! Ask the nurses that have come to us how they became successful!

RN MARKET is owned by one of the nations top leading Legal Nurse Consultants, Veronica Castellana. Learn her secrets to Legal Nurse Consulting. You do not have to be certified or have a certificate to be a Legal Nurse Consultant. If you are an RN, you come equipped with all you need to know to be a Legal Nurse Consultant. There are many courses to choose from. You can learn the basics in any of these courses but what do you do afterwards to get cases? Cases are what make you the money.

There are thousands of RNs all across the country that take Legal Nurse Consulting courses. They then feel confident that they are able to create reports and review records with ease BUT the majority of these nurses are not even getting their FIRST CASE!!

There are several elements needed to become successful as a Legal Nurse Consultant. We can offer ALL of these elements or just the ones that you need to achieve the confidence to enter an attorney’s office and get you the cases as well as make winning reports to acquire new cases from that same attorney.


Ask yourself:

  • Do you need help with your pre-call, interview, and post-call? If you are getting interviews and no cases, this is the area you need help in. (You will need the MARKET FOR SUCCESS Seminar & Mentoring Program which will follow you until you get your first client).

  • Do you need help with your marketing materials and how to market to get a response from your materials that get you the interview? If you feel you have great marketing materials but you are not getting interviews and cases, this is the area you need help in. (You will need the Ultimate Marketing Package by RN MARKET. We will follow you until you get your first client).

  • Do you need help with your case reports and case analysis? Once you receive a first case from a new attorney, are you getting a second and third case. If not, you need help in this area. (You will need our Report Writing & Case Analysis Workshop which comes with a “Case Kit”).

  • Are you getting interviews, have great materials, or are you even getting cases but you are not getting paid from these cases? If so, you may need some contract help and this is the area you need to work on. (You will need our Contracts & Fee Schedules. It comes with a contracts CD and we tell you how to collect on a bad debt).

  • Are you just starting out and you have no clue how to begin as a Legal Nurse Consultant, how to start a business, how to set up your office, get cases, write reports or any of the above. You will need to get your LNC essentials by starting with the LNC Stat Course by RN MARKET. Call us to see which areas you need help in most.

RN MARKET was developed by a Legal Nurse Consultant who wanted to start her consulting business with success. She also, like many, was not getting her first case. With a latex allergy, she lost her job in the Emergency Room and was told that she will never again be able to be a nurse. She was devastated and broke. The depression set in along with the bills. She paid thousands of dollars to get certified and felt confident that she knew everything she needed to know to be successful as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Luckily, she was able to do this with the minimum of exactly three years as a nurse under her belt. She lacked several things that she had to learn on her own. Most Legal Nurses try for about one or two years and then they give up and decide that it just wasn’t for them, the market was saturated, or that their area was just not receptive to Legal Nurses.

Well, how did Veronica succeed? What made her succeed that these other nurses didn’t try? How do you make over $100,000 or $200,000 a year? How do you have enough income that you can quit your fulltime nursing career and still have three to six times the amount of money that you were making as a nurse?

What does it take to be a successful Legal Nurse Consultant? If you want to know, click the LNC Stat image below or just give us a call. We can review your strategy for FREE and let you know what we can do as a marketing company to create success in your path. Which area are you needing help in that you may not be realizing is your weak point.

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Our LNC Stat Course has everything you need to become a successful Legal Nurse Consultant. We offer beginner and advanced Legal Nurse Consulting Seminars and Home Study Programs. If you attend our six day course seminar or purchase our six day home study, you can take the test to become certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant and carry the title of ALNC. Click the LNC Stat image above to find out more info or call us at the number below.


For any questions or to talk to Veronica herself
Call 813-810-0106 or email info@RNMARKET.com.


Veronica Castellana

Contact Veronica for any questions on how to succeed as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Whether you are wanting to become a Legal Nurse Consultant or whether you need to get more cases, she can help you decide which direction to take.


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