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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

You do not need to be certified or have a certificate to practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

The Legal Nurse Consulting process consists of preparation, education and knowledge covering legal, as well as medical issues. These include any case where there is a medical or scientific issue.

Legal Nurse Consultants can provide services for attorneys, insurance companies and hospitals where health, illness, or injury is involved.

Legal Nurse Consultants that have a specialty can testify as expert witnesses on nursing issues and Standards of Care that involve their specialty.


What do Legal Nurse Consultants do?

Nurses are the only ones trained in how to read and document in a medical record and have thorough knowledge and experience in dealing with the Standards of Care, policies and procedures, requirements and guidelines.

  • Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) are trained to screen a case using nursing, medical and health-related issues.

  • LNC's can testify as expert witnesses to the nursing Standards of Care.

  • LNC's have been trained to conduct medical library research.

  • LNC's can create time-lines using chronologies of the medical events up to the minute.

  • LNC's can assist attorneys in identifying adherences to, and deviations from, the Standards of Care.

  • LNC's are trained in recognizing tampering in a medical record.

  • LNC's can locate expert witnesses or locate other LNC's in the areas of expertise in which they are needed for deposition and for trial.

  • LNC's can assist in deposition and trial.

  • LNC's can sit in on Independent Medical Examinations.

  • LNC's are trained in identifying causation and damages issues.

  • LNC's can help prepare demonstrative evidence.

  • LNC's have extensive training, experience and education and can provide many more related services.



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